Terry Crews Names Alleged Abuser For First Time In Breakfast TV Interview

Terry Crews Names Alleged Abuser For First Time In Breakfast TV Interview

Crews said hearing reports of dozens of allegations against Harvey Weinstein brought back his own trauma and encouraged him to speak out.

Actor Terry Crews has filed a police report after saying he was sexually assaulted by a high-level Hollywood executive.

"People need to be held accountable", Crews said.

"He was acting so weird and so odd I put myself between, you know, him and my wife because with his tongue thing, I couldn't understand", the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star explained. "I'll tell you, I've never felt more emasculated, more objectified; I was horrified", Crews said. He explains to Michael exactly what happened when Adam made his move.

Crews went on to allege that at the party, Venit kept staring and "sticking his tongue out" at him in an "overtly sexual manner" amidst the crowd of guests, and then groped his genitals. "It's a party, it's packed, the whole thing", he continued. "He comes over to me, and I stick my hand out, and he literally takes his hand, and puts it, and squeezes my genitals", he continues. And I jump back like, "hey, hey "and he's like licking his tongue out and all this stuff'".

Terry asked rhetorically, "dude, what are you doing? He just won't stop", Crews recalled. "I understand why they won't come forward.' And I'm gonna tell you, a lot of times people go, 'Why didn't you come forward sooner?' When a person of forward breaks that boundary and violates that boundary, you're a prisoner of war". In the end, though, Crews shares a sense of relief that so many other women have described now that he's talking openly: "It freed me". The actor previously said that he plans to pursue a civil lawsuit in addition to criminal charges. And I understood why women everywhere had to let it go.

Crews explained how he put himself between Venit and his wife, Rebecca King-Crews, because he didn't understand "with this tongue thing" what was going on. Venit began his career with Endeavor in 1996, before the company merged with William Morris Agency in 2009. "You are gonna be baited and pulled'". But when the Weinstein thing started happening, I got P.T.S.D. I did nothing wrong. Echoing the stories of Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lupita Nyong'o, and many more, he unpacks why, nearly two years later, he's only coming forward about this now, describing Hollywood as a culture that encourages "abuse of power" and stressing the huge power imbalance he was faced with in this situation. But this is the deal: My wife told me three years earlier, she said, 'Terry, you can never handle any situation like this with violence. "But I'm not a thug, I'm an artist".

Though he said he was enraged by the incident and left the party shortly after, Crews said he did not retaliate at the time because "being a large, African-American man.I would immediately be seen as a thug".

Leaving the party after about 30 minutes, Crews' wife calmed him down in the vehicle by repeating, "I'm proud of you".

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