Singapore Train Collision Updates: 25 People Injured in MRT Train Collision

SMRT train hits stationary train near Joo Koon MRT station injuries reported

A second train stopped behind the faulty train but moved forward unexpectedly a minute later, coming into contact with the stationary train.

Its an bad day today.

"While the recent disruptions merely give rise to inconveniences for commuters, we now see human injuries. We are deeply sorry for that".

When it arrived at Joo Koon at about 8.18am, all passengers alighted due to an anomaly in the train signalling system, except for one SMRT staffer onboard.

A SMRT staff walks past one of the two trains that collided at a train station in Singapore on November 15.

Among the 28 people hurt were 26 commuters, and one SMRT employee each onboard the first and second trains.

Observers of the incident have noted that injuries from the incident might be more than what is being observed as some may not find it necessary to seek treatment for their injuries as it may just be a bruise or there may be no symptom as a result from the injury.

Giving an update as of 6pm yesterday, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and train operator SMRT said in a joint statement that there was a new walk-in case at the National University Hospital (NUH), but the patient has since returned home.

Alexandru Robu, 35, was on the westbound train on the East-West Line when it came to a sudden halt just before Joo Koon MRT station, causing passengers to lose their balance and fall.

He said most of the passengers including him were thrown to the floor but he was unhurt.

Train service between Gul Circle and Tuas Link will resume operations on Monday using the new signalling system, but it will not be linked to the rest of the EWL. This now ranges from about 10m to 50m.

The first major collision betweenT trains took place on August 5 1993, when a front-to-back collision occurred between two trains at ClementiT station.

Chua said that Thales, the supplier of the signalling system has confirmed the old and new signalling systems used along the East-West MRT Line continue to be safe for operation.

Some passengers hit themselves against the railing in the train cabins while Ong himself was injured. Also, the officials said that the trains are suspended for two hours between the Boon Lay and Tuas Link stations.

Come Monday, those who have to break up their journey by taking a bus bridging service between Joo Koon and Gul Circle will not be charged for a separate trip when they rejoin the train network.

The collision occurred around 8 reported by Land Transport Authority (LTA). Free bus and bridging bus services were provided.

Later in the day, its North-South Line was hit by another glitch.

Photos taken by witnesses uploaded online showed no apparent damages on both trains.

Robu said the train remained at the same position for 20 minutes.

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