WEATHER: Tuesday, Nov. 14 - flurries and showers

A cold cloudy and dull day in Donegal

Highs both days will be well into the 30s to lower half of the 40s. It looks like it will be a windy day too as a cold front slips in by evening.

Skies will not only improve that afternoon but so will the temperatures with highs later Wednesday in the lower 50s. We'll start the day with temperatures in the low 40s, then they will fall into the low 30s by the afternoon.

Environment Canada is forecasting flurries and rain showers ending this morning with highs around 5 C. Sunny skies stick around and winds back down making it very enjoyable. After the weekend chill, temperatures have recovered somewhat but are still at frosty levels.

Tue: High: 67 Mostly cloudy with drizzle and light showers possible. Clouds will thicken up Monday afternoon with drizzle developing by Monday afternoon.

Rain chances remain low for the whole week.

The big weather story is another day with overcast skies.

Tomorrow: Clouds will hang around into the morning hours tomorrow before clearing and bring mostly sunny conditions across the area. High temperatures will be warm on Friday climbing into upper 50's and low 60's. Temperatures warm up 10 to 15 degrees from Thursday and wildfire chances will make an appearance.

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