Two Week Firearms Surrenders Starts In East Anglia

Some of the more interesting items that were handed in during the last firearms surrender in 2014

"I would strongly encourage people to please take advantage of the surrender and hand in any weapon that is unwanted or illegally owned".

Instead a surrender aims to allow people who hold guns which they have not used to commit crime to hand them in if they have been keeping them without lawful permission, such as inheriting them, or simply to hand them in easily and safely if they no longer want them.

The surrender will run for two weeks starting from today (Monday November 13) and will run until Sunday November 26 and will give members of the public the opportunity to safely dispose of a firearm by taking it to a local police station and handing it in.

It gives members of the community an opportunity to safely and anonymously dispose of firearms and ammunition.

All surrendered weapons will be destroyed or in exceptional circumstances, if the weapon has historical value, it may be donated to a museum.

The National Ballistics Intelligence Service (Nabis) is coordinating the surrender initiative, and says that many firearms are held in innocence and ignorance of their illegality, or are overlooked and forgotten in people's homes.

Others are acquired through criminal networks and handing them in could save lives, the service added.

Anyone handing an item in is advised to call 101 and notify police of the time and station they will be attending.

During the surrender period, those handing in firearms or ammunition will not be arrested for illegal possession at the point of surrender and they can remain anonymous.

The amnesty comes less than a month after national figures revealed the number of crimes involving firearms in England and Wales increased by 27% to 6,696 in the year ending June 2017.

"In 2014, 255 items, either guns themselves or ammunition were handed in, in the Thames Valley area."

Basingstoke station will accept replica firearms, air weapons, BB guns, imitation firearms, antique guns, component parts and other ballistic items.

Carrying a gun attracts a minimum five-year jail term and possession of a knife lands people with a four year sentence. Essentially, if anyone has received a suspended/custodial or youth detention sentence of more than three months but less than three years, they can not possess a firearm or ammunition for five years after release.

Authorised firearms officers will be available to collect firearms from those who are unable to go to a police station.

If you are a licensed firearm holder who wants advice contact the Gwent Police Firearms Licencing Team.

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