Sydney has a new boat: Ferry McFerryFace -- and no, we're not joking

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Officials overruled the trendsetting favourite name that was rejected by British officials previous year as the name of a new polar survey vessel, New South Wales Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance said.

However, the most votes actually went to the name Boaty McBoatface, the notable title Brits voted to call a new research vessel previous year.

A publicly-voted competition to find a name for the new vessel resulted in "Boaty McBoatface" being the top choice, but that name was made famous by the Brits, who voted to call a new research boat by that title a year ago.

Three other ferries in the fleet will bear the names of distinguished locals - an opthamologist, a heart surgeon and an obstetrician - and their legacies will be honoured by carrying up to 400 passengers through the inner harbour alongside Ferry McFerryface.

"It's official. We have named the final ferry in the new fleet".

Sydney's newest ferry will officially be named Ferry McFerryface, inspired by Boaty McBoatface, the name which took the maritime world by storm in 2016.

While others said the name makes a mockery of the distinguished Australians who have their names on the ferries.

But Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance said they wanted to avoid a double up.

The British government overturned that vote, instead naming the vessel after leading naturalist David Attenborough, but failed to stem an internet craze that led to temporary copycats like Trainy McTrainface and Firey McFireface. The name Boaty McBoatface was then given to a submersible boat on the ship.

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