Strangers Are Throwing Money at Woman Who Gave Trump the Finger


A few days after the image went viral late last month, Briskman told her employer, government contracting firm Akima LLC, that she was the one who gave the commander-in-chief her middle finger unsheathed, as opposed to letting them find out through another source.

Juli Briskman, an accomplished flipper of birds, is getting the support she deserves after getting canned from her job.

The whole incident took place when Briskman was cycling through Sterling, Virginia in September and President Trump's motorcade passed her on the way to one of his golf courses. Created by Rob Mello, the brief description refers to Briskman as "an inspiration to us all" and that all proceeds will go to her.

She proudly posted it as her profile picture on her Facebook and Twitter pages. "He pulled ads for open enrollment in ObamaCare".

Still without a job however, a GoFundMe campaign was created on November 6 to assist the able-fingered activist with a goal of $100,000. A GoFundMe page was launched by the public to help out the Internet hero, and now Briskman has more than $80,000 raised in her name.

She insisted that she does not regret her decision and said she was pleased to be a symbol of resistance towards the president, adding: "In some ways, I'm doing better than ever".

Ms Briskman later said: "I wasn't even at work when I did that". The company told her she violated its social media policy and promptly terminated her, Briskman said. Nevertheless, Virginia has "at will" employment laws which allows private sector employers to be able to sack people for any reason they deem fit.

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