Sony Developing Morbius The Living Vampire Movie

Morbius The Living Vampire #1    

Venom is now in production and releases next year, and will be followed by Silver & Black in 2019.

This vampiric tale is being developed by Sony and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, now has Power Rangers writers Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama attached to its screenplay. Once a famed biochemist, Dr Michael Morbius is transformed into a vampire-like creature after undergoing a failed experimental treatment to cure himself of a rare blood disorder. However, the results were catastrophic and he developed vampiric qualities.

Morbius the Living Vampire was a character who first appeared in "Amazing Spider-Man" No. 101 back in 1971. He instead gains a thirst for blood, fangs, and super strength, essentially becoming a "living vampire" as his epithet suggests. Sony are now looking to create their own cinematic superhero universe, one formed of Spider-Man characters but not actually featuring Spider-Man, so far it's titled Sony's Marvel Universe.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Venom isn't the only Spider-Man villain getting his own spin-off movie. They are now showrunners on Netflix's Lost in Space reboot which is due to debut next year.

On television, Morbius appeared in Spider-Man: The Animated Series voiced by Nick Jameson.

Seeing that the time for the vampire genre has come and gone with the Twilight franchise, I don't know just how well this movie will be received once it's announced.

Furthermore, Sony has not mentioned how they will be reinventing the character of Morbius or if they will sticking to canon material. It also just makes sense considering Morbius' backstory; he wasn't bitten by any vampires, he was just a scientist who made a pretty big mistake. Nor did they explain whether or not Morbius will be connected to their current iteration of Spider-Man with Tom Holland.

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