Rosogolla originated in West Bengal not Odisha stamps Geographical Indication

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Odisha has been claiming that Rasagola originated in the state and it was offered at Sri Jagannath Temple as well. The announcement ended a two-and-a-half-year-old bitter dispute between Odisha and West Bengal over the origin of the Rosogolla, our Delhi correspondent reported.

The sweet, dipped in sugary syrup, which is a favourite across the country, has for always been at the centre of a bitter tussle between the two States, with each claiming it as their invention. She asked her officers to get in touch with us in 2015 when Odisha tried to get the GI registration in their favour.

The confectioners of Odisha also organised an exhibition to make people aware about the state's claim over rosogolla.

Geographical Identification (GI) authorities in Chennai ruled that Odisha is not the origin of the sweet "Rosogolla".

After yesterday's GI announcement, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who is in London, celebrated the news with a tweet saying: "Sweet news for us all".

While it seems that Bengal has won, the GI tag benefits for a ubiquitous sweet like rosogulla overall appear marginal and the battle at least in part being about stoked regional sentiments as it is neither a prominent export product nor will its legally-affixed place of origin necessarily alter its prized qualities for a food taster. They had claimed that Rasagola was invented by Nabin Chandra Das in 1868 and submitted required proof in this regard. Darjeeling Tea is the first product of the State to be accorded the GI.

However, two years on, and West Bengal can finally claim that the rasgulla is officially theirs. Bengal has steadfastly maintained that rosogolla was invented by famous sweetmeat maker Navin Chandra Das in 1868. "We are all happy that now we can say with full rights that rosogolla belongs to us".

When contacted, Head of office of Geographical Indications Intellectual Property India Chinnaraja G. Naidu confirmed that the GI tag had been given to both.

"The state government has borne the entire expenditure of the fight", added Das.

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