Priyank Sharma Chops Off His Hair To Save Friend Hiten Tejwani

Sabyasachi Satpathy

In the middle of nomination task, Akash will create ruckus in the house after he learns that Vikas and Shilpa have buried the hatchet. From her perch in the bedroom, Hina overheard Akash's words and quietly agreed with him. Hina also says that Shilpa is the biggest player in the house. First up is Hina, who is informed that she has been nominated since she picked the phone. Hina sheds tears for Luv and hugs him. He was asked to shave his head off in order to save Hiten from getting nominated. His safety from nominations lied in Benafsha Soonawalla's hand as he had to get her to nominate herself for the next two weeks excluding the current week, as we all know she is directly nominated for this week for attacking Akash few days back. Hina agrees to this and destroys his family photo. Vikas gets angry with Priyank and says that Hiten didn't need this sacrifice.

Hiten and Priyank had formed a bond while being on the show and previously it was Hiten, who had nominated himself to save Priyank from nomination. One of the toughest challenge will be given to Priyank, who will have to go bald for saving Hiten.

Now it is Hiten's turn to climb the tower, and he is asked by Bigg Boss to get Priyank to shave his head. Priyank shaved all his hair and made everyone proud. Vikas tries to convince Benafsha to not support Priyank in this. When Bandgi shows her hesitance, Puneesh tells her not to waste his time.

Apart from all the fights, disagreements and the tears that Bigg Boss viewers get to see, the show also tends to have some behind-the-scene pervy moments that do keep cropping up from time to time. Vikas convinces Ben not to nominate herself because Priyank needs her more in the house. She does not inform the same to the contestants and starts climbing down with a straight face.

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