Lyft Launches in Toronto, Making Its First Foray Outside of the US

Lyft's first market outside the US will be Canada with a December launch in Toronto

But be warned, Lyft: Uber's new golden boy, Khosrowshahi, is gunnin' down the road in an off-duty, black Prius, sniffing out your every move.

Up until now, Lyft has been USA -only, so this Toronto launch is a big move for the ride-hailing company.

As part of its made-in-Silicon-Valley-type Toronto pitch, Lyft says, "Wherever we are, we know it matters how you get there, so we've got our toques on". Lyft and Toronto are a flawless fit.

When service begins, Lyft hopes to have enough drivers to respond to ride requests in two-to-three minutes as it does in major US cities.

In its first worldwide launch, Lyft is heading north of the border.

This news arrives as Uber seeks to maintain its foothold in Canada, all while threatening to leave Quebec over what it perceives as unfair training regulations.

The company announced Monday that it will begin operations in Toronto next month.

Lyft has been around since 2012, but up until now, has only been available in the US. Bloomberg also analyzed a private Lyft investor document, which shows that the company has been increasing spending in an effort "to take advantage of Uber's weaker position".

Dan Moulton, a spokesperson for Crestview Strategy, did not answer whether or not Lyft was planning an Ottawa expansion, and declined to comment on the contents of the meeting with city staff.

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