Kim Kardashian Truly Outdoes Herself With Lavish Shower For Baby No. 3

Inside Kim Kardashian's cherry blossom-themed baby shower for 3rd child

Of course Kim Kardashian went over the top for her THIRD baby shower - for a baby she herself isn't giving birth to, but is via surrogate. The theme was cherry blossom and sure enough, Kim didn't hold back from letting the venue pop and burst with shades of pink all over.

Kardashian West saw the allegations while browsing on her laptop with her former assistant, Stephanie Shepherd.

Kardashian West's friend Miroslava Duma, CEO and Founder, Fashion Tech Lab, also took to Instagram on Saturday night to celebrate and shared video of the doting mom with her daughter, North.

The only celebrity pal to make the guest list was model and fellow Twitter star Chrissy Teigen, while Kim's close friend and hairstylist Jen Atkin, and eyebrow artist Anastasia Soare, also made the cut.

Earlier this summer, Kardashian West's mother, Kris Jenner called on fans to pray for her cousin Cici Bussey ahead of a stem cell transplant.

"Okay guys, [this is] my baby shower for baby number three".

A source said recently: "It's so weird - Kim can't believe it. Kim had a week of feeling so worn out, just like when she was pregnant with North and Saint".

And it wouldn't be a Kardashian affair if someone wasn't hawking one of the family's products, so Kim brought along her new line of perfumes for guests to sample.

"What happens every time I say guess what?"

"We wanted them really moody; it was really tan", Kim said.

She also said she "can get" why people were accusing her of blackface and explained, "When you're running shit, you just literally have to own up to it and change it and fix it". Kim coyly asks Khloe, who tells her it usually means someone's pregnant.

"She's been craving it so much again lately".

True to her word, Kim adjusted the images and replaced them on her website and in her social posts.

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