Kids Injured After Stairwell Collapses At San Diego Junior Parkour Gym

At least 20 children injured in stairwell collapse in San Diego

At least 20 children were injured when a stairwell collapsed Saturday night during a birthday party at a parkour gym in San Diego's Barrio Logan neighborhood.

The collapse happened just after 8 p.m. PT at Vault PK when a large group of kids climbed up on a platform and the whole structure collapsed, injuring those on the platform and underneath it, according to San Diego ABC affiliate KGTV.

Starting on Monday the focus of the investigation will turn to verifying Vault PK and the other businesses in the building were properly permitted and up to code.

Investigators say they are reviewing construction permits for all the businesses, especially for the wooden structure that collapsed.

Omar Rodriguez, 10, and his mother and 16-year-old sister were among those taken to the hospital Saturday night.

"She came out crying too and I hugged her", Omar said.

Nailey's family said her pelvis was broken in three places along with her left arm. "That's what teenager do", said Omar and Nailey's father. She's laying down in bed.

San Diego medical units transported four children in serious condition to a nearby hospital, with one suffering from a possible spinal injury.

Parkour is a form of military training where participants aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment using running, climbing, swinging jumping and rolling techniques. It was pizza time inside the Vault PK Parkour Gym.

The city is now looking at what permits are in place, and what permits are lacking from the business.

The building itself is owned by MTS, which says it leased the empty space as-is to San Diego Sports Entertainment Center.

Three businesses are now in the building, including two gyms.

The gym will remain closed until further notice.

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