IOS 11.2 Will Feature Faster iPhone 8, iPhone X Wireless Charging

IOS 11.2 Will Feature Faster iPhone 8, iPhone X Wireless Charging

iPhone X wireless charging. Updating your phone isn't enough to boost your charging speed, however. But those who prefer the iOS platform, but despise the platform's limitations, here is a good news for them. The iOS 11.2 beta is now available for developers only, but could launch soon to the public.

As of now, it is not clear that whether the jailbreak will be available to the public, but because the hack was running on the latest version of iOS, the jailbreak will be available soon to the public.

The trio of phones, released earlier this year, all support wireless charging using the universal Qi standard.

The Apple news blog received a tip about the new feature from accessory maker RAVpower, and confirmed the news by actually testing it. On a Belkin charger that supports 7.5W speeds, the iPhone X went from 46 to 66 percent charge in half an hour, as opposed from 46 to 60 percent on a 5W charger.

Still, that ramp up to 7.5W is barely touching the current limits of the Qi wireless charging technology, which allows for up to 15W of power to be transmitted to compatible devices.

Apple had previously said faster speeds would be released in a future update, which seems to be iOS 11.2. Right now, Apple sells two third-party wireless charging pads that are capable of hitting that 7.5-watt charging rate. However, Apple also revealed that its smartphone lineup will support up to 7.5-watts of fast wireless charging too.

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