IOS 11.2 Is Bringing Faster Wireless Charging

iOS 11.2 will allow your iPhone to charge faster wirelessly: 7.5W of Qi goodness

Updating your phone isn't enough to boost your charging speed, however.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X owners using wireless charging pads to power their devices are about to receive a pleasant surprise thanks to a software update: Apple's upcoming iOS 11.2 will add support for faster wireless charging for the Qi-compatible smartphones.

Head's up. If your all-new Apple iPhone 8 is experiencing rapid battery drain and battery overheating, you may want to stop utilizing the YouTube application.

The current iOS 11.1 delivers 5 watts of charging when placed a Qi-based charging pad. However, iPhone X jailbroken actually means that the Apple's latest phone does have vulnerabilities that can be exploited to offer users a jailbreak. However, Mac Rumours received a tip from accessory maker RAVpower about this new update and how it will be increasing the charging speeds.

While 7.5 watts is still half the wireless charging speed supported by Qi 1.2, it should be a noticeable improvement for users. Since then, Apple released a few iOS 11.2 betas and MacRumors now says that the final release will enable 7.5W charging speeds. Still, 7.5W is faster than what you can get right now, so if you're buying your first Qi charging pad, check the box to make sure it outputs at least that much of a charge. A device that doesn't support 7.5W wireless charging only got the iPhone X's battery up to 60% during the same timeframe.

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