Florida, Jacksonville gas prices soar over the past week

GasBuddy: Many factors behind unusual jump in prices at the pump

The national average price for regular unleaded was $2.56, AAA reported, up 3.4 cents over the week and almost 39 cents more than this time past year.

A week ago, DeHaan said the price increase could be attributed to a major pipeline leak resulting in oil-flow disruption, autumn refinery maintenance and the demand for gasoline late in the season.

"Compared to the first half of November previous year, gas prices this November are on average 39 cents more expensive", AAA spokesperson Jeanette Casselano said.

States with the lowest average gas prices: MS ($2.26), Alabama ($2.26), SC ($2.29), Arkansas ($2.31), Louisiana ($2.31), Texas ($2.31), Tennessee ($2.31), Virginia ($2.34), Missouri ($2.35) and Oklahoma ($2.35).

Average retail gasoline prices in North Carolina have risen 4.9 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $2.40 per gallon as of Sunday, according to a press release.

The state average's steady climb came to a crawl over Veterans Day weekend.

However, he said, motorists should expect gas prices to linger at their current levels throughout this week.

The state with the fifth cheapest gas prices at $2.31 a gallon is Arkansas, followed by Texas, at $2.31, Virginia, at $2.32, Tennessee, where a gallon will run an average of $2.34, Oklahoma at $2.35 and Missouri at $2.36.

"Domestic oil supply and production made solid gains", he said. The most expensive gas in Florida on Monday was $2.64 in the West Palm Beach-Boca Raton area.

DeHaan warned that prices might keep increasing "as gasoline inventories continue to drift to new multiyear lows".

This marks the third straight week that gas prices have risen in New Jersey. Such information has continued to put upward pressure on both gasoline and diesel prices in recent weeks.

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