DC Comics editor fired amid sexual harassment allegations


In the report, three women-two of them former DC Comics employees-described incidents in which Berganza attempted to forcibly touch and kiss them.

Warner Bros and DC Entertainment announced Monday that editor Eddie Berganza has been fired.

Berganza started work for DC in 1992 and worked on numerous high-profile comics, including the recent Dark Nights: Metal.

Seemingly in response, DC Comics demoted Berganza from Executive Editor to Group Editor.

Those fears were apparently well-founded: As BuzzFeed notes, "among the women who reported Berganza to human resources, none still work for DC", and all have moved away from working in mainstream comics publishing.

Not unlike with Louis C.K., Eddie Berganza and the allegations over sexual behavior that trailed him had become an open secret within his industry.

Berganza has not yet commented on the allegations or his suspension and eventual firing. BuzzFeed's article suggests that Berganza was the unnamed superior.

Instances of abuse recounted in the article included Berganza forcibly kissing female co-workers, groping others, and making offensive jokes directed at women. Asselin said that development was "massively demoralising" at the time. Rumors of inappropriate conduct by Berganza have circulated openly for roughly a decade, and several former employees came forward last week in a story published by Buzzfeed alleging a pattern of sexual harassment. In the end, DC Comics made the right decision, but many are asking why this didn't happen sooner.

While there's little ambiguity in the incredibly extensive report that Buzzfeed put together about Berganza's actions, the larger question is what the blowback will be on DC Comics.

"There will be a prompt and yet careful review into next steps as it relates to the allegations against him, and the concerns our talent, employees and fans have shared", the company initially said. Representatives for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment told BuzzFeed they were, "committed to eradicating harassment".

DC did not disclose who would be assuming Berganza's duties as Group Editor.

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