Conor McGregor throws punch at official at Bellator 187

Commission chief claims Conor McGregor has been pulled from UFC 219 over Bellator 187 antics

The boxing great called the fight a "circus" and spoke publicly several times against the fight taking place. By contrast, De La Hoya hasn't fought since December 2008, when he was pummeled by Manny Pacquiao in a non-title bout that was stopped after the eighth round.

"I've been working out for the last five months", De La Hoya told Golden Boy Radio - when he was questioned about the seriousness of his desire to fight McGregor.

'He was a little bit over emotional there, but you sort of understand when you know his and Charlie's relationship over the last number of years'. I've been secretly training. "I'm faster than ever and stronger than ever".

Conor McGregor is explaining why he "lost it" at an MMA fight in Dublin on Friday - saying the ref had no business trying to throw him out of the cage.

"Just one more. I'm calling him out. Two rounds. That's all I need".

The Irishman was involved in an ugly confrontation with referee Marc Goddard at Bellator 187 on Friday night and was caught on camera slapping another official. Now a successful promoter of the likes of Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto, the 44-year-old ridiculed the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor as more spectacle than competition.

White is set to promote boxing matches in the near future, although it's yet to be outlined whether that will include pushing any future McGregor bouts in the squared circle.

Now, however, De La Hoya appears eager to participate in a similar "farce". He would freaking destroy me. But De La Hoya said in Monday's interview that he is doing well now. "Life is a struggle; life is hard". In June 2015, De La Hoya told ESPN that he was considering a return to the ring. But it also made both participants very rich.

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