Campaign Raises More Than $70000 for Woman Who Flipped off Trump


The photo soon went viral with many calling it utterly disrespectful, while some viewed it as a an accurate depiction for the contempt many Americans have for the Commander-In-Chief.

Juli Briskman, an accomplished flipper of birds, is getting the support she deserves after getting canned from her job.

Juli Briskman's raised middle finger was caught by news photographers as Trump's motorcade passed her on October 28 as he left Trump National Golf Course in Sterling, Virginia.

Titled "Thank You Juli Briskman", the crowdfunding page describes her as an "inspiration".

"I don't think it was right", she said.

Briskman told the Huffington Post that she informed her HR department of the photo since it was already everywhere. Only one-third of Puerto Rico has power. The GoFundMe campaign, which has a goal of $100,000, is now at over $70,000 and rising.

Now, wise people in support of flipping off our current POTUS as often as possible are stepping up to raise money for Briskman's post-employment existence.

She insisted that she does not regret her decision and said she was pleased to be a symbol of resistance towards the president, adding: "In some ways, I'm doing better than ever".

She said she drew attention to the fact her social media pages make no mention her employer and that the incident took place during her own time. She was sacked shortly thereafter, reportedly because she posted the photo on her social media accounts, which qualified as "obscene" content and supposedly violated her company's employee conduct guidelines. "But they told me I violated the code of conduct policy", Briskman said to media.

The FADER has contacted Briskman for further comment.

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