Broadcast your voice to Google speakers around your house with Google Assistant

Your Google Home can now act as an intercom system

Google is giving the Assistant a new feature that'll save you from wearing out your voice.

TORONTO-ecobee, Inc. today announced an integration with the Google Assistant, enabling homeowners in Canada and the control all ecobee smart thermostats through eligible Android phones, iPhones and voice activated speakers like Google Home. Google has already released some phrases that can trigger specific sounds like saying dinner is ready will trigger a dinner bell sound through your smart speakers. It is appealing to finally have an object which listens to you and does as you say.

iPhone: iOS 9.1 or higher; Google Assistant app; and the phone's language set to English. In order to make this happen, Google is rolling out updates which make will broadcast messages easier.

You can adjust your room thermostat on the go just by giving voice command like "Ok Google, Make my room warmer".

All devices must be signed onto the same Wi-Fi network, and at least one member of the household has to be signed in to each of the Google Home speakers.

Google even built in a couple of fun (but useful) features to this effect.

You will need to be running Google Home device firmware version 1.26.93937 or higher and have "Do Not Disturb" mode disabled. Just think, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, this will help everyone know it's time to eat so you don't have to shout at everyone notifying them. For now, the update is rolling out to only the English language in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, while other language support will be coming soon according to Google.

Ecobee thermostats are not just the one to add Google Assistant support, Honeywell has already added this to many of its thermostats in August of a year ago.

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