Bethesda Outlines Wolfenstein II Post-Launch DLC Roadmap

The following will be available as individual DLC packs, or all together in the Season Pass, the Freedom Chronicles. Kickstarting a rebellion in the good ol' USA of A requires more than icon to boot Reich Said Fritz out of the land of the free, and you'll be handling a few of those new heroes in Wolfenstein II's upcoming DLC.

The function of Episode Zero is to show the characters to the players. Bethesda revealed the official release calendar for the game's three upcoming DLC episodes - the first, Episode Zero, came out last week - on its official website. Players will get to control Joseph Stallion. Starting out in Chicago, this story mission explores the vastness of space. The Diaries of Agent Silent Death will follow on January 30th, and The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins will complete the chronicles at an unspecified date in March 0f 2018. This intriguing add-on focuses on a former OSS agent named Jessica Valiant. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Now, she fights the Nazis in California in an attempt to uncover details regarding the top-secret Operation San Andreas. We're already big fans of the G.I. Wilkins takes the stage, heads to Alaska and I'm guessing that he introduces the Nazis over there to 30 days of might while he brings down Operation Black Sun.

Anyone who didn't pick up Episode Zero can grab the DLC now via the game's Season Pass. Episode Zero covers resistance fighters Jessica Valiant, Gerald Wilkins, and Joseph Stallion as they try to liberate the American Territories from the Nazi invasion.

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