Another dozen Penn State fraternity brothers charged in Tim Piazza hazing death

New charges announced in hazing death of Penn State frat pledge

Twenty-six people now face charges in the case.

"Over the last several months we listened to defense arguments centered around victim blaming or how could the defendants have known they were putting someone seriously at risk since no one died before, as if they were entitled to one free death, or the catch all argument of, 'We don't know, '" he said. "Justice needs to be done".

New evidence revealed this week brought new charges in the hazing death of Penn State University student Timothy Piazza.

Even though fraternity brothers may not have held Piazza down and physically forced the drinks into his mouth, "force" is presumed in a hazing case, Parks Miller said.

"Did no one pay attention in high school health class?" he asked.

"Tim was a happy and caring human being, and a wonderful son, who just wanted to join an organization to find friendships and camaraderie", he said.

Piazza's father, Jim Piazza, told ABC News on Monday there is "no question" the basement surveillance video was intentionally deleted.

The house's security system captured numerous events the night Piazza was injured, footage that had already been played at a preliminary hearing for those charged previously.

The charges come after a video police say was initially erased by a member of the fraternity while officers were inside their house was recovered. But the Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to recover the deleted footage.

According to Parks Miller, the basement video clearly shows a continuation of the hazing activity previously captured upstairs during the gauntlet.

The fraternity brothers started out asking pledges to "shotgun" or quickly consume a can of beer when they got into the basement, she said. Tim Piazza does not obtain his own alcohol at any point. Before Piazza suffered the his first fall the night of February 2, the prosecution says he was provided with at least 18 alcoholic drinks in the period of 82 minutes. A preliminary hearing is expected to be held before then.

Tim Piazza subsequently stumbled toward the basement steps then fell down them. When police found him unconscious the next morning, they took him to a hospital.

They carried him upstairs, but it was another 40 minutes before an ambulance was called. He died the next day.

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One former frat brother, who was accused of deleting the video, was charged with tampering with evidence, obstructing administration of law and hindering apprehension.

Five fraternity members - Ryan Liam Burke, 21, Aidan O'Brien, 20, Jonathan Kanzler, 19, Joshua Kurczewski, 19, and Bo Han Song, 19, were charged with felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter. Involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangering another person, 10 counts of hazing, eight counts of furnishing alcohol to minors and eight counts of unlawful acts relative to liquor.

Patrick Jackson, who was charged with two counts each of hazing, furnishing and unlawful acts.

Luke Visser faces 11 new counts of furnishing alcohol to minors and 11 counts of unlawful acts. Five counts counts of furnishing alcohol to minors and five counts of unlawful acts relative to liquor.

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