49ers undecided on quarterback situation after Week 11 bye

New York Giants head coach Ben Mc Adoo and his team hope to avoid some history today

The 49ers earned their first win of the season in a 31-22 victory over the Giants.

After essentially forcing Tom Coughlin out the door after the 2015 season, Reese was given the green light to spend $200 million in free agency to bring defensive tackle Damon Harrison, defensive end Olivier Vernon and cornerback Janoris Jenkins to the team.

"Nothing has changed", Shanahan said.

"I'm not embarrassed by this team", McAdoo told reporters, defiantly denying his job security is at risk.

Maybe this is a way for Shanahan to not reveal everything to the public but if that's the case, we'll find out when the team practices and we find out who is taking the first team snaps. Perhaps his play can slow the conversation about Jimmy Garoppolo at least another week.

Beathard, Shanahan and the entire 49ers roster now goes into the team's bye week on a high note, a peak after struggling through a two-month valley of losses and injuries.

Let's assume Beathard will be the starter for the rest of the season. For the 49ers brass to see if he can be the quarterback of the future, they will need to at some point play him in a game. There are some huge decisions coming up for the Giants.

And if I was in Garoppolo's shoes, unless this was always the plan that he wouldn't be playing, I would be looking around thinking I made a huge mistake in wanting out of New England to sit on the bench for the worst team in the league. "I have so much respect for him, to come out here and still play, with the hurt that he had in his heart, and to ball out". He signed a two-year contract in March with the 49ers. They have full control of their draft pick as they are on pace to have the first overall pick.

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