Xbox One X Sells 80000 in the UK During First Week

Xbox One S

You recently bought Xbox One X, the new Microsoft Xbox console for you 4K HDR TV, but as you connected it you receive an error message which stated that your TV does not support HDR and 4K 10-bit.

Microsoft has already removed Lumias from Windows Phone range, so the only Windows Phone deal that you will see is on Alcatel Idol 4S. Interested in mixed reality?

Have you bought a new Xbox One X yet?

In addition to all of the deals you can find online and at major retailers, Microsoft will also be hosting hands-on events at Microsoft Stores across the country.

If we'd love to have more hard data about Xbox One X sales, it's been a couple of years since Microsoft stopped sharing how many consoles it sells every quarter.

The new Surface Pro will be off up to $329 off, depending on configuration.

These deals start on November 23 and will run until November 27.

In his review-in-progress, TrustedReviews' Michael Passingham says: "For me, the One X is a more compelling purchase than the One S - it's the very latest in console hardware and the guarantee of smooth performance and some stonking visuals is mightily tempting".

Games like Forza Motorsport 7, Gears of War 4, Halo Wars, and Forza Horizon 3are $20 off their standard market price in the Microsoft Store. However, Microsoft is sweetening the deal by giving you a choice of a free game and a one-month trial for Xbox Game Pass.

Save up to $249 on PC bundles from Acer, Dell and HP.

Microsoft is additionally offering HP's Windows Mixed Reality headset for just $299 ($100 off) close by various groups for headsets with PCs and portable workstations. The Invoke speaker will also be available on its own for a special price of $99.

Save up to $150 on the Acer Aspire 1 and Aspire 3 laptops.

Get Galaxy Books starting at $529.99 at Best Buy.

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