Traffic cop tows vehicle with mother, baby still inside

Car tow

"He has been ordered to visit and conduct an inquiry into the incident immediately", Kumar said. "Our baby was crying and so my husband asked me to get into the vehicle and feed him".

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has condemned the incident and told ANI: "It is very unfortunate and absolutely insensitive and risky to tow the vehicle with the lady and the child inside".

This video is shot on a mobile phone shows that the seven-month-old baby was not inside the vehicle but in the arms of another family member when the Mumbai Traffic Police warned to tow it away.

Despite the helpless family and the onlookers requesting the traffic police, the constable named Shashank Rane did not let the couple go. "Mumbai public wants to know... who would be responsible if something happens to the baby", says the man shooting the video while the cops inside the tow truck drive away nonchalantly. An urgent investigation has been ordered by Mumbai Joint Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar. Our child is unwell and we wanted to rush to a doctor.

A decision about departmental action against him will be taken after the report is received, he added. Rakhi told TOI that the towing agent was about to tow the vehicle when they arrived with their seven-month-old son.

Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis issued a warning to traffic policemen on Sunday and stated that the policeman who allegedly towed a vehicle with a woman and baby inside it had been suspended, ANI reported. He dialled the control room and two beat marshalls arrived, following which a large crowd gathered. It is also unknown as to who was behind the wheels when the vehicle came to be parked at a wrong place. "We later paid the fine at the police chowky".

The traffic cops reportedly drove the vehicle along with the mother and her infant up to the Malad police station while the husband followed them on a friend's motorcycle. "The police asked them to come to the police station and complete the formalities, but she was not ready to get out of the auto, and then took her child inside", he told the daily.

The traffic cop was suspended from duty after the video of the act went viral on social media. "Don't tow my vehicle". "The events prior to the actual towing, as shown in these fresh videos, will also be a part of the enquiry". The infant was also outside the auto when officials were pleading her to vacate it and feed the child in a police vehicle instead.

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