Texas College Apartment Party Causes Floor to Collapse

The third floor at a student apartment complex in Denton collapsed during a party

Students and families have been coming by the apartments all day Sunday to gather what belongings they could. According to the Denton Fire Department, the flooring of a third-floor unit at The Ridge on Colorado Boulevard caved in during a party with at least 30 guests.

Although no one suffered any serious injuries, as many as 50 people were displaced and many of them were students of the University of North Texas. Denton paramedics treated seven people at the scene for minor injuries but didn't take anyone to the hospital by ambulance. That's when the floor gave out under the weight of the crowd, sending dozens of people into the second floor apartment below. "That's life threatening. If we were in our living room, we wouldn't have made it out because by what we've seen, it's just completely gone". The property can not comment on specific questions related to cause or liability as this incident remains part of an open investigation by the Denton Police Department.

A number of residents from a Denton student apartment complex have been displaced after the floor of a third-story unit collapsed during a party Saturday night.

Denton Police said they responded to at least one noise complaint at the apartment complex in September.

Carroll told the station she's called the cops on her upstairs neighbors' parties before.

University of North Texas students who were celebrating homecoming in Denton ended the party with a - bang.

The collapsed floor caused damage to water pipes, which started leaking. Residents of the three units directly affected by the incident will be permanently moved to other housing-most likely at a nearby property-as those three units are restored.

Amazingly, no one was seriously injured, but residents of the three units directly affected have not been able to go back inside.

Denton firefighters believe the cause of the collapse was too much jumping.

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