Sydney Gets its Ferry McFerryface

Supplied                       Oh boy it's happened again

Australia's most populous city is getting a new fleet of inner harbor ferries, one of which, due to an online naming poll, will be Ferry McFerryface.

Transport NSW has revealed the name of its newest vessel as Ferry McFerryFace.

And while "Boaty McBoatface" actually received the highest number of votes, NSW Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance said it was avoided in order to prevent a duplicate after a United Kingdom research vessel was dubbed with the same namesake in 2016.

However, the most votes actually went to the name Boaty McBoatface, the notable title Brits voted to call a new research vessel past year.

Ferry McFerryFace was the second most popular choice, with the most votes actually going to the name Boaty McBoatface.

Over 15,000 different names were submitted to the competition.

The name is now part of a similar tongue-in-cheek trend, with a Trainy McTrainFace in Sweden, and a Sydney racehorse Horsey McHorseFace.

The other ferries were given sentimental names like Victor Chang, Fred Hollows and Catherine Hamlin, which are already transporting passengers across the harbour.

"Ferry McFerryface" and the rest of the new fleet will each have capacity for 400 customers, as well as improved accessibility for people with disabilities, wi-fi access and charging stations for electronic devices.

Here's to hoping Ferry McFerryface lives a longer life along the waters of Sydney Harbour.

But the UK's Natural Environment Research Council decided not to use the name, instead choosing instead "Sir David Attenborough".

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