Surprise! Eminem Just Dropped A New Single Featuring Guest Vocals By Beyonce

Eminem teasing new song 'Walk On Water'?

Eminem, the top-selling rapper of all time who earned his fame on the back of aggressive beats and lightning-quick rhymes, is accompanied nearly entirely by piano and strings on the new track, "Walk on Water".

Speculation had it that the fake medication was the viral marketing scheme behind Eminem's new album with the same name. And while it serves as a musical memoir of sorts, this is as much a Beyoncé song as it is an Eminem song, with the singer carrying half the weight of the song, singing the attractive chorus "I walk on water / but only when it freezes".

Using the same font and style as the spoof medical ad in which Paul Rosenberg revealed the album title, Em's post shows a doctor's note with the phrase "Walk On Water" alongside a reminder to "Take as needed".

"I walk on water/but I'm no Jesus/I walk on water/but only when it freezes".

"I feel the ice cracking, because". Throughout the song, there are sounds of turning pages and it provides a raw feeling to the track.

Eminem, a white Midwesterner whose listener base likely includes many voters for Trump, demanded that his fans choose him or the president, of whom he said: "Racism's the only thing he's fantastic for". Revival is expected to be a trilogy after his albums Relapse and Recovery.

Eminem's Revival is expected to arrive November 17.

It's the first single from his upcoming ninth LP.

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