Sturgis Middle School honors Veterans

School district honors Island veterans with first-ever parade

Saturday is the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year and on this day in 1918 the cease fire that brought an end to hostilities along the western front of World War I was enacted.

"They're the farmers, the policemen, the school teachers; they're the businessmen and women and the pastors that we know today, who were once the boys and girls next door", said Hood.

Students in San Angelo have been learning about the significance of "Veterans' Day".

"Most of my family has been in the military so it's really nice to come here and contribute and kind of make them proud that I appreciate what they've done for me", said senior Jennifer Merriman.

"Our local residents have served with pride and dedication", eighth-grade student Ethan Gillespie said during an all-school, student-led assembly in the middle school's gymnasium on Friday afternoon.

A candle light service was held, where students read statements thanking veterans for their service and excerpts from accounts written by soldiers.

"It is important for kids to understand the history of why all of our armed services are important and what they do for our country", Ross said.

Students also saluted both active members and veterans, as a way to introduce one another. "We thank them for their service and await their safe return home".

Veterans said they enjoyed the event.

After the program, children and their family and friends who served were treated in the media room to breakfast and donuts donated by The Rolling Pin Bakery Shop. He told them that school is key for life, and emphasized that if they need help, they should ask for it.

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