Rudy Gobert out for weeks with leg injury

Hassan Whiteside Tyler Johnson

He told the Desert News that Waiters just "dove into my knee".

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Gobert was able to reenter the game on Friday night, the team announced on Sunday that Gobert suffered a bone bruise in his knee, and shut down for the next four weeks before he is reevaluated.

After being informed of Gobert's comment, Waiters was quick to defend his character, saying that he had no intention of hurting the Jazz's center during the play, per Andre Fernandez of The Miami Herald.

"'"...our point of emphasis all the time is if you see a loose ball, you better put your nose on it... Gobert has two sets of statistical (defensive rating and rebounds) bonuses worth $250,000 each where the center must appear in 67 games.

"It feels better than it looked on the video", he said. Tell him to get out of his feelings.

"I've never been a dirty player in my life". I saw it on social media, late, after the win.

So far, forward Udonis Haslem has taken it easy on assistant coach Chris Quinn.

A Miami native, Haslem grew up a Hurricanes fan while Quinn played basketball at Notre Dame.

This huge setback will put a serious dent in their hopes of making the playoffs in a hard conference. And they need their defense, badly, because their offense, featuring waaaay too many Ricky Rubio jumpers and improvised Donovan Mitchell sequences, is fourth worst in the league. We have to take care of business. "I jut want him going for it, putting his nose on two or three more of those a game".

"I figured they'd win", he said. I mean it's a very important game.

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