Planets aligned: Twitter users share incredible photos of Jupiter & Venus conjunction

Incredible new images show Jupiter and Venus side by side

While such an event is not entirely uncommon, astronomer Mark Thompson told the BBC that it is rare for the two planetary bodies to appear this close in the sky.

Early Monday morning, you have the chance to see the two move very close together.

The planets could be seen just above the horizon, and were at one point just 16 arcminutes (half the width of the full moon) apart from each other. This exceptional close and bright conjunction will take place within the constellation called Virgo.

Venus will be 152 million miles (246 million km) from us, while Jupiter is almost four times farther away, at 594 million miles (956 million km), the portal said.

Viewers in the Northern Hemisphere will have the best view of the phenomenon, according to EarthSky. The two stars will be crossing each other in the sky just before the sunrise.

You might not be enjoying November bringing dark mornings and icy weather but it does mean some fantastic stargazing opportunities.

Venus and Jupiter are considered the brightest planets seen from Earth.

Bay Area residents interested in witnessing the show should expect Jupiter and Venus to rise around 5:40 a.m., respectively.

And if you can get on a hilltop or balcony, do it, because the quality of your view will improve (Grizzly Peak would be great!).

Jupiter and Venus are really far apart. If the weather remains clear and you are at a flawless location, then you can see the conjunction with naked eyes. As the sky brightens, you should be able to see brilliant Venus well into a blue morning sky.

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