National Football League owners committee says Roger Goodell contract talks are 'progressing'

NFL Rumors: Roger Goodell Seeking Private Jet For Life In New Contract

The 75-year-old Jones said the compensation committee could appease him by agreeing to let the remaining owners review and approve the final contract with Goodell.

The ongoing battle between Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell is more compelling than a lot of the NFL's on-field action has been this season. Get the app and get the game.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports some owners have discussed forcing Jones to sell the team.

"The Committee is continuing its work towards finalizing a contract extension with the Commissioner, consistent with the mandate provided in the unanimous May 2017 Resolution", Blank wrote.

The movement grew this year, particularly after President Trump said owners should fire anyone who takes a knee. The longtime face of the Cowboys could sue the league if Goodell's extension is completed without review or approval from the NFL's 32 teams. But he also says players have the freedom to express themselves.

Some fans have said protests are disrespectful to the American flag and to the military, and have boycotted the NFL. Nor is it clear whether the league or other owners would take the step of actually punishing Jones.

Perhaps Goodell believes he can wait out the controversies; fewer players are protesting at each game, for instance, and nobody's talking seriously about deflate-gate anymore. "A league source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that multiple owners already have been discussing the possibility, which flows from Article VIII of the NFL's Constitution & Bylaws".

In a letter sent last week to owners on the committee, Jones claimed he "has discovered a number of very concerning issues" while engaged as a committee member, including that "the Ownership (sic) and Jerry Jones now understand that they have been unquestionably misled" by Blank and that "critical facts" have been misrepresented regarding Goodell's contract.

The NFL's compensation committee, headed by the Atlanta Falcons' Arthur Blank, is considering Goodell's extension in an atmosphere of acrimony, turmoil and borderline owner revolt. That is when the National Football League dropped its federal tax exemption. Between 2008 and 2015, he was paid more than $205 million.

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