'Modern Day Maharaja' Jinder Mahal accepts Triple H's challenge for one-on-one match

Triple H said he will step into the ring in New Delhi

Those are the questions that Triple H posed on Twitter when he issued a challenge for a match against Mahal when WWE goes on tour there in December. Mahal responded on Twitter with a reply of his own, accepting The Cerebral Assassin's challenge and adding that this wouldn't just be the biggest match in India's history, it would also be the biggest match of his career (even bigger than his matches for the WWE Championship). Mahal then replied in a promo where he accepted the challenge. This is coming on the heels of Mahal losing the WWE Championship to AJ Styles this past week on Smackdown, which provided Smackdown with an increase in TV ratings. However, Indian-origin wrestler lost the title to AJ Styles in SmackDown Live last week.

Here is the challenge tweet from Triple H in which he called it the "Biggest Match in India's History". I'm hoping the match gets televised since Mahal vs.

"I'm honoured that you considered me as an opponent in India, in New Delhi".

Meanwhile, Jinder, who was supposed to face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series in a champions versus champion match is without any opponent for the pay-per-view and is expected to miss that and recover from a shoulder injury that people speculate he is suffering from. It's possible Triple H will lose the match in order to make Mahal look good in front of the Indian people.

Earlier, WWE COO and former World Champion Triple H had said, "I decided India that if you want it bad enough, I will reply you". Mahal would have been positioned as a complete babyface against Owens in India.

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