McDonald's manager reportedly attacked over nuggets order

Women climbed through McDonald’s drive-thru window attacked manager over chicken Mc Nugget dispute

Police said the two women damaged the register and spilled tea onto the floor.

Two women exited their auto to climb through a drive-thru window at a McDonald's in Indianapolis and attacked the store manager after a disagreement over chicken McNuggets, police told PIX11 sister station WTTV.

She happened to be in the vehicle behind these two women, around 3:30 on Friday morning.

The customer, who recorded the incident, told 24-Hour News 8 she's visiting from out of state and went to McDonald's to get a cup of coffee when she heard someone yelling. The manager says a woman complained she did not get enough chicken nuggets.

"It was a little bit disturbing at first, but I knew that if I got it on video that I would be able to help the individuals inside the McDonald's because this is proof that, you know, something terrible was happening to these individuals", she said. Apparently they believed they had ordered ten, but had really only ordered four.

"All of a sudden, I hear yelling and see these two girls just spring out of the auto and literally just dive headfirst into the drive-thru window", says Monique McNeely.

You can see the two women getting out of Mcdonald's the same way they got in.

The women then climbed back out of the drive-thru window and sped away, never receiving any McNuggets.

The women said they wanted to purchase McNuggets, so the manager told them they would need to drive around the building and wait in line. "That would really freak me out", she said.

They became angry and began banging their fists on the window and beeping their horn, the manager told police.

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