Lyft comes to Canada, first expansion outside the US

Lyft's first market outside the US will be Canada with a December launch in Toronto

Lyft will soon drive into Canada, specifically Toronto, beginning in November.

And it's about time: Lyft says more than 50,000 Toronto residents have downloaded the app to date.

When service begins there, Lyft hopes to have enough drivers to respond to ride requests in two to three minutes, as it does in major US cities.

Up until now, Lyft has been US -only, so this Toronto launch is a big move for the ride-hailing company. Several thousand drivers indicated an interest through Lyft's USA website before recruiting started Monday, he added.

Last year, city council voted in favour of a package of regulations that effectively legalized ridesharing services in Toronto. Potential drivers must also pass DMV and background checks, both of which are free and conducted online. The company is appealing London's decision to pull its license after the city's transport authority said Uber was not "fit and proper" to operate there.

Uber has argued the 35-hour provision hurts the firm's model of employing part-time and casual workers, who couldn't even try the service without the training.

On Monday, the ride-hailing company announced it will begin operating in Toronto, starting in December.

Houghton wouldn't say if Lyft will expand to other Canadian cities or if Quebec's provisions would prompt it to avoid the province.

Lyft will serve the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and plans to launch by the end of the year.

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