Kylie Jenner might be engaged, we guess

Kim Kardashian's New Fragance is Inspired by Paris Robbery

Kylie Jenner sure knows how to tease her fans. In September, it was revealed that the 20-year-old social media star is reportedly pregnant with rapper Travis Scott's baby, though she has yet to personally confirm the news.

Secondly: HmMmMmMm. The placement and diamond sheen is unmistakable, so could Kylie and Travis Scott be planning their nuptials, as well as preparing for the (reported) arrival of their offspring? The last time she spoke about it was when she called out a photo of her alleged baby bump for being "clearly altered".

Although nothing has been confirmed about the baby and now the engagement, Kylie is definetly sending out a lot of mixed signals about the two.

As Kardashian fans across the world obsessed over Kim Kardashian's cherry blossom-themed baby shower Saturday, the second-youngest in the Kardashian-Jenner family was creating a stir of her own.

Do you think Kylie is engaged?

In any case, in spite of proceeded with bits of gossip, both Khloe and Kylie have declined to remark - and rather have selected to keep fans speculating with enigmatic Instagram posts.

Without further ado a while later, news that her sister Khloe was likewise pregnant additionally begun to make the rounds - making three of the five Kardashian sisters anticipating.

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