Jacqui Lambie Is A Dual Citizen And Will Resign From The Senate

Jacqui Lambie Could Resign Within 24 Hours Over Possible Dual Citizenship

"The confirmation [from the UK Home Office] has come back early this morning", she said.

Senator Lambie has been dragged into Canberra's citizenship saga after last week revealing her father was born in Scotland. "It's been made quite clear that because of my father, I am also Scottish".

Senator Lambie is not expected to comment publicly on her citizenship status today and has moved to dismiss speculation she could resign, but reportedly said that if she was found to be a dual citizen that "Tasmanians will be the first to know".

I can see how all these politicians are only just having the ancestry chat with their parents now; it's not like this dual citizenship thing has made much of a stir in Aussie politics recently...

Joyce and Alexander will re-contest their lower-house seats in special elections next month.

"There'll be checking like there's no tomorrow, so I don't think this will be an issue", she said.

An Australian senator announced plans to resign on Tuesday, the eighth lawmaker to become embroiled in a citizenship crisis that has already cost Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's government its majority in parliament.

"I do have concerns that there is a member of this chamber, at least one, who knows they are not eligible to be here due to their constitutionality", Senator Bernardi told the chamber.

Lambie is the second senator and third politician to resign since the High Court ruled Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce and four senators were ineligible to stand at last year's election, forcing them from parliament.

As with the other recently disqualified senators, Senator Lambie's position would normally go to the next person on her Jacqui Lambie Network ticket in the 2016 election, following a recount.

Devonport mayor Steve Martin is next in line to take Ms Lambie's seat in the Upper House, but Professor George Williams of the University of NSW told AAP his succession could be in doubt because of Mr Martin's role in local government.

That could also constitute an office of profit under the Crown.

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