Incredible moment Jupiter and Venus PASS each other over UK

On Monday morning Venus and Jupiter will be only 0.3 degrees apart in the morning sky before dawn. They are in the constellation

The event will take place one hour before sunrise in the eastern sky and the two planets will remain low on our horizon.

The two planets have been visible to the naked eye in the United Kingdom, parts of the U.S. and countries in the mid-northern latitudes.

During November, the two brightest planets in our solar system engage in a cosmic dance, aligning very close to each other in the night sky.

Jupiter and Venus are really far apart. That is smaller than the diameter of the moon according to Earth Sky.

The key is to wake up early and find an unobstructed view of the horizon.

NASA says that the conjunction is made possible when the two planets share the same east to west longitude in the sky, although in reality we should remember they are actually 416 million miles apart.

What is the Jupiter Venus conjunction?

BBC journalist Caroline Rigby added: "Stargazing live on BBC Breakfast with Carol Kirkwood and Dan Walker... popped out to see Pudsey but ended up finding Jupiter and Venus too!"

Jupiter and Venus were both visible just before sunrise in a rare show that delighted thousands who shared pictures of the pair on social media, alerting many others to this spectacular sight. The Jupiter Venus conjunction won't be around for long as the two planets will start separating by the end of next week.

The phenomenon will be visible to the naked eye itself but if you want to have a clearer view for yourself, it's probably best to use use a telescope or binoculars.

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