Apple will launch three new full-screen iPhones in 2018, analyst says

But the "green line of death" isn't the only problems faced by the iPhone X. MacRumors also reports that over two dozens of users have reported of a crackling sound on the iPhone X's front-facing earpiece speaker. After nearly 10 years, Apple has given us something new with iPhone X. Its bezel-less edge-to-edge display and the missing Home Button gives it a look unlike any other iPhone.

Research from the firm Canalys stated this week that the iPhone 8 Plus outpaced the iPhone 8 last quarter with an impressive 6.3 million units versus 5.4 million units.

Considering that's the main way of interacting with the iPhone X, this can get very frustrating.

The report ties in with what we've been hearing about the iPhone 8 sequel, as Apple looks to consign the Home button and Touch ID to the past. KGI Securities tech expert Ming Chi-Kuo predicted that Apple will finally make the first move next year to shift away from LCD displays.

Since it was released over a week ago, Apple's high-end iPhone X has been incredibly well-received by early adopters; however some of the first units in circulation have been exhibiting a number of quirky, software-related hiccups that Apple has either already acknowledged and provided a fix for, or has its team now working to resolve.

Without question, the iPhone X is the most exciting iPhone release we've seen in years, and from what we've gathered so far, demand for Apple's next-gen iPhone has been through the roof. The new TFT-LCD model will differ significantly from the OLED models in hardware and design specs (for instance, the PPI will be lower).

The report also mentions that two of these phones will be equipped with the OLED panels and the third one will have a TFT-LCD panel with a poor pixel density but will be the entry-level iPhone of the trio. By this time next year, the supply chain should have plenty of experience in producing the iPhone X.

Let me tell you something about the 2018 crop of iPhones: Apple's gonna sell a bazillion of them!

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