Roy Moore: Allegations are 'desperate attempt to stop my political campaign'

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Moore vehemently denies the allegations, saying that he believes the timing of the accusations are aimed at undermining his candidacy.

"Thanks for bringing this to our attention".

Moore, 70, has been publicly accused in a deeply sourced report from the Washington Post of having sexually pursued multiple teenage girls while in his early 30s, including a particularly detailed allegation that he molested a 14-year-old.

Hannity, who also hosts one of the most listened to talk radio shows in the country, had Moore on his radio program on Friday to discuss the allegations being charged at him.

The liberal advocacy group Media Matters has for months been pressuring Hannity's advertisers to take back their dollars over the Fox host's fixation on conspiracy theories, especially his promotion of the unproven idea that Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich was murdered past year over a supposed role in leaking party documents.

None of the five companies that pulled ads directly cited Hannity's coverage, but most of their statements were made in Twitter threads responding to complaints about the companies' relationship with the Fox host.

Keurig, meanwhile, said in a tweet to the head of the liberal group Media Matters for America that the company is pulling its ad from Hannity's show. We continue to closely evaluate where we advertise'.

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore reiterated his denials Saturday against what he said were allegations of sexual misconduct, adding that "revelations" regarding the charges will surface over the coming days.

Their decision elicited outrage on social media, with fans of Hannity using the hashtag "Boycott Keurig".

'Don't #BoycottKeurig, they pulled their ads from Hannity & deserve to be celebrated for it'.

Hannity, who is typically soft on Trump supporters and Republicans, was later praised for the "tough" interview.

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