Nintendo targets 25 million Switch consoles next year

Nintendo Switch sales boost incoming as console tipped to overtake Wii

Super Mario Odyssey, the most recent title for the new home console, has cemented its superstar status among current-gen video game systems.

Teslagrad takes place in a steampunk version of old Europe.

He also touched on the subject of the software for Nintendo Switch which has been increasing with its popularity. This could easily be extended to 30 million or beyond, though that will ultimately depend on sales through the 2017 holiday season.

Starting Wednesday, Switch users can download Hulu directly from the Nintendo eShop and subscribe to Hulu's core $7.99 streaming service or its $39.99 live TV plan, Richard Irving, VP of product at Hulu, said in a blog post. It raised that forecast in October to 14 million. Nowadays, although the Switch is much easier to find, there are still occasional bouts of dried-up supply.

If Nintendo manages to produce 25 million to 30 million units by this date, it will have shipped 50 million units by April 2019 (two years after release), which is what the Wii shipped in three years. The above shows an overlay of sell-through figures together with Wii and Wii U data for the first years after release.

Gamers never really had a solid incentive to buy the Wii-U. Nintendo continues to work toward alleviating that as we head into the holiday season, where it expects to sell a ton of systems, but it reportedly has its sights set much higher in 2018 and beyond. Transferring key portable franchises such as "Pokemon" from the 3DS to the Switch is something that could drive further demand for the newer machine. Here's to hoping that alongside the tens of millions of Switches come a few Classics, too.

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