Nintendo plans to manufacture between 25-30 million Switch units next year

Nintendo reportedly upping Nintendo Switch production next year

Nintendo's popular Switch console should be a hot commodity, and the company has vowed there will be no shortages could stymie shoppers.

Up to 30 million units could be made, according to company calculations. In fact, the WSJ says that some industry watchers are now expecting the Switch to outsell the Wii by 2023, which would in turn make the Switch Nintendo's best-selling console ever.

Upon release, the Switch was incredibly hard to find - Nintendo seemed to have struck gold with their vision of seamless portable-to-TV transitions.

Nintendo is now sitting at around 8 million out of their expected 14 million Switch sales for the current financial year (ending March 2018), but this gap could be closed quickly over the next couple of months since this will be the first Christmas period in which the Switch has been available. The company believes it will ship another 9.1 million units by March 2018, which would put the total sales at 17 million within a year of launch. The GameCube and the N64 saw more popularity during their prime, with 22 and 33 million consoles sold respectively.

Hulu is now available on the Nintendo Switch, making it the first US streaming entertainment service to launch on Nintendo's newest gaming platform. Now the third best-selling home console of all time, the Wii galloped to 34 million units after 24 months. Further down the line, though, Nintendo needs to maintain a nice and steady launch schedule that will keep existing owners engaged and attracts new players. Nowadays, although the Switch is much easier to find, there are still occasional bouts of dried-up supply.

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