Hulu Comes to the Nintendo Switch

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Sources familiar with the matter tell The Wall Street Journal that Nintendo aims to churn out as many as 30 million units during the next fiscal year which starts in April.

The new 25-30 million target is very ambitious because the only other table-top console that sold so much in a single year was the Wii, which recorded 25.94 million units in its second year. The shelf life of the Switch will be firmly tested if it ever aims to unseat the Nintendo Wii, however, which sold a staggering 101.63 million units during its long production run. The Switch, by contrast, succeeds not only the Wii U but also the portable 3DS, and perhaps this is where Nintendo's extra confidence lies.

Hopefully next year it's easier for gamers to buy a Switch. That plan "is still in the early stages", but Nintendo could even increase the number depending on holiday sales. The Xbox One, however, lagged behind both debuts: It sold less than 10 million consoles in its first year.

The hybrid console has blown away everyone's expectations, and its limited yet steady stream of games has helped keep it out of store shelves since its launch last March. The Nintendo Switch's success, though, leaves an uncertain future for the handheld lineup of the iconic Japanese powerhouse. It's impressive considering many expected the Switch to struggle in a market with more powerful consoles from Microsoft and Sony and smartphones that have dominated the mobile gaming landscape. We've reached out to Nintendo for confirmation and any more details and will update this post when we hear back. This period roughly represents the first year of sales for the console.

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