Eminem & Beyoncé Address Insecurities In New Single "Walk On Water": Stream

Eminem and Beyoncé Get Introspective About Expectations in Their Soaring New Song 'Walk on Water'

The song "Walk On Water" simply explains or tells us how the rapper feels and the expectations the world has about him.

Before the release of the new song, the rapper tweeted a video that features a spokesperson who announces: 'Tomorrow, noon Eastern time, 9 a.m.

Jay-Z persuaded Beyonce to feature on Eminem's new track "Walk On Water", it's been revealed. The song talks about reflecting on one's insecurities, and in the case of Eminem about the insecurities he's experienced throughout his super successful career.

Eminem surprised everyone when he dropped his new track "Walk on Water" with the ultimate collaboration partner, Beyoncé!

To take fans deeper down the Eminem rabbit hole, a website for the fake drug was created, containing allusions to lyrics in Eminem songs.

In the track, Eminem raps about pressure, not being ideal, staying relevant and wondering why "expectations" are so high.

Last month during the BET Hip-Hop Awards, the rapper delivered a ferocious freestyle takedown of President Trump called "Storm". Another person wrote, "This Eminem and Bey record was needed cause it does send a message that people need to stop worshipping them but most people gonna fly over that part".

Cursed by "the standard the first Marshall Mathers disc set, " Eminem seemingly can never measure up.

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