Nintendo hopes to produce 25-30 million Switch units for fiscal 2018

Nintendo exec Failed Wii U is responsible for Switch's success

"So, with Hulu now on the Nintendo Switch, all of your TV is truly in one place", Irving wrote.

Buzz in early October had Nintendo greater than doubling the fabrication for the highly flourishing Switch in order to encounter what will nearly indubitably be overwhelming demand during the holidays.

Another issue with the Wii U was that it didn't have "strong support" from Nintendo's third-party partners, Fils-Aimé said. And truth be told, the question of stock issues tends to hang over Nintendo products, given the continued difficulty of obtaining items like the NES and SNES Classics, as well as amiibos. It now looks like holiday season sales for Nintendo Switch (Amazon, $299.99) could catch up to the Wii figures.

In a report from The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is planning to increase production of the Nintendo Switch to bring between 25-30 million Switches to retailers through 2018, with the ramped up production to begin in April with the start of Nintendo's new fiscal year. Nintendo said in its latest financial report it expected to ship around 10 million Switch units by the end of the current fiscal year which ends on March 31, 2018. Nintendo's popular Switch console should be a hot commodity, and the company has vowed there will be no shortages could stymie shoppers.

He also touched on the subject of the software for Nintendo Switch which has been increasing with its popularity. Nomura Securities analyst Junko Yamamura, the outlet says, predicts the console will sell "115.8 million units by March 2023".

The Switch has been an unequivocal success for Nintendo, but if there's one area where the company has faltered, it has been producing enough supply to meet the voracious demand. Not only had the Wii U been a failure, but the Switch was less powerful that Sony's and Microsoft's offerings and yet was still going to retail for $300.

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