Woman Charged With Burning Roomate's Ferret In Oven

Ivana Clifford 26 from New Hampshire is accused of killing her roommates pet ferret

A Manchester woman who roasted her roommate's beloved pet ferret alive in an oven told cops she brutally killed the animal because she was pregnant and her housemate had been stealing her clothes, police said.

"They (Clifford and her husband) were staying with another person that lived in our building, and he kicked them out so we felt bad for them and we took them in", Murray said.

Murray alleged that Clifford killed the ferret because it nipped her on the foot, but Clifford told police that she killed the animal as revenge for her roommate stealing her clothes.

Officers were called to the apartment early Wednesday after the roommate and the roommate's boyfriend woke up to the noise from the smoke alarm and saw heavy smoke inside the apartment. "And that's why she put our ferret in the oven", Murray said.

Firefighters arrived around 2:40 a.m. and found the source of the smoke was coming from the oven.

She also said because she was 32-weeks pregnant she didn't think a ferret should be in their Manchester apartment, police added. 'I just can't believe she did that'.

'To lose a ferret is like losing a kid, ' Murray said. Her bail was set at $10,000 after her arraignment at Hillsborough County Superior Court. They said their temporary guest was standing outside of the apartment building along with other displaced tenants.

Judge Gillian Abramson told Clifford, "These allegations display a profound sense of sadism".

According to court paperwork, "the ferret was stuck to the bottom coil of the oven" and was "deceased upon arrival". And for that reason, I am setting bail in the amount of $10,000 cash only. If the woman posts bail she is not allowed to return to Murray's apartment.

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