Jockey Punches His Horse, Gets Two-Week Suspension

Jockey's actions condemned as 'absolutely disgusting' after punching horse in stomach prior to race

Watch below, as a jockey punches a horse he was scheduled to ride, before the start of a horse race.

The jockey in question is Dylan Caboche, who has ridden 40 winners in the previous year and was involved in an incident with his horse She's Reneldasgirl.

"TRSA does not condone and will not tolerate such behaviour", a TRSA spokesman told the Sun. Caboche dismounts, turns to the horse, and punches it in the stomach.

"It is hoped this penalty, which will remain on the rider's record and will impact his earning ability, will send a strong signal to others", he said.

Caboche received a 2-week suspension for his actions, and while his horse Reneldasgirl seemed to be okay, it's incredible that this type of animal abuse didn't warrant a more stiff penalty.

"I want to genuinely, sincerely and unreservedly apologise to everyone for my actions".

Animal rights groups are leading calls for Caboche to a face a heavier punishment, but chief steward Johan Petzer said Thoroughbred Racing SA believe their decision was justified after a thorough assessment of the incident. "Obviously, I understand and accept that no matter how hard my mount was, it can't justify what I did".

"It looks like you can add punching horses to the list of cruelty in horse racing in addition to jumps racing, whipping horses, two-year-old racing, and sending them to the knackers".

"I'm pretty gutted with myself and also disappointed at the same time".

In a similar incident in August, Victorian apprentice Brandon Stockdale was fined $500 for punching a horse at Sandown.

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