Man admitted to snapping woman's neck after she refused marriage proposal

Man admitted to snapping woman's neck after she refused marriage proposal

A Pennsylvania man has been accused of brutally killing a 19-year-old woman after she refused his marriage proposal.

The Morning Call reports that Christopher R. Tucker, 34, "snapped" when he asked Tara M. Serino to marry him, and she refused.

He reportedly asked Serino to marry him at his home in Berks County.

Serino, from Upper Macungie, was allegedly propositioned by Tucker a few days before she disappeared, but she replied that she did not want to get married and she was sleeping with other men. The victim then allegedly made an off-hand comment that Tucker should "just kill her".

Once he believed her to be dead, Tucker allegedly wrapped Serino in a rug and fled to IL, where he was picked up by officers from the Urbana Police Department.

Police say Serino was beaten with a hatchet and strangled, and that her neck was snapped and eyes were popped out.

He told the detectives he wrapped her in a rug and left.

Cops tracked Tucker to a Champaign County truck stop where he allegedly admitted to the grisly crime.

He will be extradited to Pennsylvania.

Tucker's alleged account of the killing was consistent with Serino's injuries, the court documents state.

Following Tucker's visit, at around 1.30pm on November 1, Serino contacted police to report his daughter missing. Authorities in IL said Tucker wasn't making any sense so he was taken to a hospital for an evaluation.

According to CBS contributors in Philadelphia, Christopher Tucker, 34, was arrested in IL on Wednesday night.

Troopers searched his Pennsylvania home and found Serino's body.

Mr Tucker also told Serino that some of Tara's belongings, including her purse and phone, were in his son's home and that he wished to return them.

Upper Macungie police requested that detectives in IL interview Tucker to find out where Tara Serino was.

According to her obituary, Serino graduated from Parkland High School in 2015 and had an interest in nature photography.

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