Man Stalks Young Siblings: 'Your Daughter Is Cute!'

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He flagged down the bus that the girl's older brother was on and told the driver he was there to pick the boy up, cops said.

Police need help finding this guy who they said stalked two young siblings in Crown Heights.

Police are looking for a suspected stalker who they say has been targeting two children in Brooklyn, allegedly following them to a bus stop and showing up twice outside their home.

The suspect first began stalking the children Friday morning when he followed an 8-year-old girl as she was walking with a friend to her bus stop near Eastern Parkway and Brooklyn Avenue around 8:30 a.m.

"Watch out. I am watching you!" The NYPD said he returned later in the day a few hours later when the 8-year-old girl saw him on the steps of their home, ducking down and snapping pictures of the inside of the home.

The leering suspect asked the little girl where she sleeps and who she lives with when she tried to confront him. "Your daughter is cute", the note read.

On Saturday, police said he approached the boy and asked the same questions.

According to police, the family does not know the stalker, and authorities are asking anyone with information about him to come forward.

According to the New York Post, the girls were driven down from Ulster County and into The Bronx by someone they trusted, a law-enforcement source said. It was later that day when the victims found the hand-written note inside their mailbox. When she refused to answer, he ran off.

At approximately 11:15am on Saturday, October 21, the same man approached the 12-year-old brother outside his house and inquired about his parents and where his bedroom is located.

The suspect is described as being about 5-foot-9 and weighing 160 pounds. He was filmed by a surveillance camera parking a white, four-door sedan in front of the victims' home.

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