Indon military chief denied entry to US

Indonesia has demanded that the United States explain why the Indonesian armed forces chief, General Gatot Nurmantyo, was blocked from travelling to Washington last Saturday, said Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi.

On Saturday, armed forces commander General Gatot Nurmantyo was stopped from boarding an Emirates flight to the US, where he had been invited to attend a conference by the chairman of the U.S joint chiefs of staff, General Joseph F. Dunford Jr.

The American diplomatic mission in Indonesia said it is prepared to facilitate Gatot's travel in the future and insisted the U.S. remains committed to its strategic partnership with the country. "We still need an explanation why it happened".

The US has apologised after Indonesia's General Gatot Nurmantyo was denied entry.

McKee met with Marsudi on Monday morning and said she had apologised.

US Ambassador Joseph Donovan also offered an apology, according to a statement Sunday from the embassy.

Some Indonesians reacted indignantly to the incident, putting up banners around the capital calling for the USA ambassador to be expelled and for Americans to be "sent home".

At the height of the scandal, Indonesian President Joko Widodo attempted to distance himself from the outspoken and increasingly independent general, known for his growing political ambition, saying that it was not his initiative and stressing that the relationships with Australia were "just fine".

"There are absolutely no issues with his ability to travel to the United States".

However, Marsudi said Indonesia would continue asking the United States government for an explanation for the rejection.

Additionally, enforcement of those travel restrictions is the subject of legal challenges by at least two US states, Hawaii and Maryland, in the latest challenges to the third iteration of executive orders issued by US President Donald Trump. But relations have sometimes been strained over American resource companies operating in Indonesia or alleged rights abuses involving Indonesia's military. He has been accused of whipping up nationalist sentiment by promoting the notion that Indonesia is besieged by "proxy wars" waged by foreign states looking to undermine the country.

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