Action Man! Corey Feldman Plans To Take On Hollywood Pedophiles


			Chris McKay  Getty Images

The 46-year-old's bus was pulled over for speeding in the USA state of Louisiana, and police allegedly found he was driving with a suspended licence, KNOE reports.

One police officer smelt marijuana and chose to search the vehicle, discovering a medical prescription for the drug belonging to the crew. The actor elaborated that police said that if they showed proper proof of the prescription, the charges would be dropped.

Police in Mangham, Louisiana, said they pulled over a recreational vehicle driven by Feldman on Saturday and took him to a police station after discovering his license was suspended.

The crew were then forced to pay a fine, with Feldman receiving a misdemeanor due to it being his vehicle. Feldman was found to be driving on a suspended license.

The star has claimed for years that he and his former costar, Corey Haim, were the victims of pedophiles in Hollywood. Corey Feldman had this to say.

Corey Feldman is speaking out following his misdemeanor charge and citation after cops found medicinal marijuana on one of his crew members.

He took Twitter saying the traffic stop was "a bit of a good ol shakedown" and that the officers asked for autographs after he paid the fine.

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